Thank Your for Supporting Skyway

Your faithful giving helps us be a light in the community and spread the gospel around the world.

Skyway is supported solely through free will offering, and we are blessed to serve God and further His kingdom together.

Skyway practices 3 biblical giving types:


The tithe is 10% of our income which we present to the Lord at the House of God, which is your local church. God promises to provide all our needs when we honor him with the tithe of our income. Ten is the biblical number for completing a test. The test of tithing challenges us to trust God in our finances.


The Offering is a gift above our tithe. It is any amount you choose to give to support a cause through your local church. This might be for a specific ministry need that arises throughout the year.

First Fruits

This offering is connected to the “Firsts” in your life. It might be the first paycheck of the year, or a first portion of pay from a new or different source of income. It is a demonstration of faith that God is going to provide more than this “one time.” It is the first of much more to come.

Ways to Give

At Church

At every service, you can bring your gifts to the Lord. Offering envelopes
are available. We bring our gifts forward, and there are also giving locations around the room.


One time and Recurring gifts can be set up from your credit card, debit card, or bank account. We use Planning Center for quick and secure online giving.

Church Center App

The easiest way to give is to use the “Church Center” App for iOS and Android. Simply set Skyway as your church and your ready to go.


Simply text the amount you want to give to 84321,
and you are done!
(1st-time text-to-give requires some simple info)

Designate your gift to one of our partners.

Skyway always gives back to world missions, but if you would like to designate your donations to one of our two partner ministries in India, use these links.

Bishop Jacob

Designate your donation to  Grace Service Society

Pastor Jayakumar

Designate your donation to Pastor Jayakumar

How does Skyway Use its Donations?

Your financial support helps Skyway facilitate it’s mission and vision. Skyway supports the local church, the community, and ministries throughout the world. You support helps primarily in these four areas:

Skyway Services & Operations

Your giving helps support the operations of the local church. Skyway is run completely from the congregations free will giving.

Skyway Chaplains

Our qualified chaplains visit people in the hospitals & nursing homes, follow up on all who make decisions for Jesus Christ and more.

Community Outreach

Skyway conducts several outreaches throughout the year where people can come and have fun while learning about God’s love.

World Missions

Skyway is dedicated to partnering with others around the world who work to expand the kingdom of God. We always give a tithe of at least 10% of our budget to our partners world wide.


Sunday Service Schedule:
Service @ 10:00am
Bible Study Hour @ 8:45am

Wednesday Schedule:
Midweek Service @ 6:00pm
Prayer Room @ 12:00pm

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