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Skyway Church is hosting services online at skywaychurch.com and in-person services at the Skyway Campus in Goodyear, Az.

We are inviting everyone to connect online or bring your family to join us in the sanctuary.
Parents are asked to help your children practice safe distancing while being in our service.

Early Childhood & Elementary Kid’s Ministry are now available during the 9am service!
Arrive early to check your kids in…service is 1 hour long and begins promptly at 9am.

Watch Skyway Services Online

If you are sick or don’t want to attend public gatherings,
you can watch our services online.

Skyway Church Reopening Phase II 2020

Dear Skyway family and friends,

I want to open this letter with a big THANK YOU! Your cooperation by participating online while viewing our services, small group participation, and more has made a significant difference in how we have navigated things since March 15, 2020.

Your faithful giving is greatly appreciated. Some have sent special offerings of support above and beyond their tithe, and others have sent their $120.00 tithe from the stimulus package. Many have moved to online giving and mailing us your offerings. Thank you so much. We have continued to support our staff and our missionaries because of you. I am constantly praying for each of you, your families, and your job situations during this time.

We need your feedback
Please take this survey so we can further assess how we move forward:

We are only asking that you take the Skyway Church Reopening Feedback Survey. Any additional surveys are not from us. You also do not need to create an account after completing the survey.

Now, as we look to move into Phase II, I ask for each of you to join in prayer and support to help us continue our reopening. There are many variables which we consider each day as we plan to create a safe environment for everyone during our reopening. I will quickly recap Phase I which will continue, and then discuss Phase II and what is involved to make it successful.

Phase I

  • Online viewing continues promptly at 9:00 AM each Sunday morning.
  • The sanctuary is now open for 250 people to enter beginning at 8:30 AM.
  • We have all recommended sanitation and safety protocols in place.
  • We are attempting a “touchless” experience including online giving and multiple giving stations throughout the sanctuary.
  • Volunteers are asked to wear gloves and masks.
  • Seats are set in groups of two which can easily be moved to accommodate a single person or a larger family unit who arrived in the same automobile. Safe, six-foot distancing is easily practiced with flexibility for family enjoyment. Everyone is invited back into our sanctuary now as the weather is getting warmer outside.
  • The patio is set up for viewing by those who prefer to sit outside—it is still comfortable at 9 AM.
  • The snack bar is closed.
  • Wednesday Prayer at 6 PM is presented online; no in-person services on Wednesday evenings.
  • Skyway @ Noon programming is available for continued connection with Pastor Greg and the Skyway ministry on Tuesdays and Thursdays at noon.
  • Our youth host spiritual training on Sundays by Zoom at 11AM and Thursdays at 6:30 PM.
  • All online small groups for children, youth and adults are available through our website.

Phase II: Beginning Sunday, June 7 extended to early September 2020

In this next phase, we will have to assess and adjust as things around us are in a fluid state. Summer is traditionally the time we dial everything back while people are on vacation. We are not sure who is staying in town and who is ready to come back to the church sanctuary. In all respects, how and what we are planning to open will be based upon the number of people attending in-person and fielding the necessary volunteers we can recruit. We will only open when it is safe and adequate staffing is assured. This means that some of the following aspects of Phase II will start June 7th and others will happen throughout the summer. We will do everything possible to keep the church family informed and updated. Here is what is going to take place!

  • A second worship service on Sunday morning will start once we see that one service lacks the space for the people choosing to attend church in person. This will require a second set of volunteers!
  • Chaplains will be praying with people at the altar after the Sunday morning service concludes.
  • Early childhood and elementary classes will begin in-person at 9:00 AM starting June 7 as volunteers commit. Parents, please keep your children with you if there are not classes in place when you arrive prior to 9 AM. Again, we will do everything to make sure the classes are ready. Church begins promptly at 9 AM and concludes at 10 AM.
  • The Zoom classes for Children WILL continue for those families that choose to stay connected from home. Phase II is a BOTH / AND experience for those in person and those online.
  • We are now building our Children’s Ministry team for all ages.  Please contact Pastor Kathy immediately if you are willing to be a part of a rotational team.
  • The Youth Group has had an incredibly positive experience by hosting their Zoom meetings for instruction on Sundays at 11 AM and Thursdays at 6:30 PM.  These Zoom classes will continue.
  • The Youth Group will add a regularly scheduled fun activity for all the youth to participate in-person during the summer months. Stay connected to learn when and where these will occur.
  • The Youth are encouraged to attend the 9 AM service with their parents and continue the online learning experiences on Sunday and Thursday each week.
  • Pastors Leslie and Angie request that parents stay connected and communicate with them as the summer is unfolding to see what can be added to the youth program.
  • Online Destiny Groups and Grief Share will continue for adults through the summer.
  • In-person small groups for Grief Share, Couples Discipleship and more CAN open during the summer. There will be safety protocols in place for each class. Stay connected to learn when these will be opening.

In closing, I appreciate your patience and prayers as we move forward together. You are always in my thoughts and prayers as each day passes. Thank you for your kind support.


Pastor Greg

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