It is our mission to bring the life-changing gospel of Jesus Christ to our community, nation, and the world through the lives of our own members in practical, helpful, and lasting methods.


Skyway Church is a hospital, a training center, and a launching pad for ministry at home and around the world – HEAL. TRAIN. SEND.

Million Soul Mandate

In 2015, Skyway ASCEND began the Million Soul Mandate, with the goal to train, equip and mobilize effective leaders around the world to reach over one million souls with the gospel of Jesus Christ through strategic community transformation by the year 2025.


The hospital is a place where wounded people go. At Skyway, people wounded by life’s experiences can come and find loving care through the presence of God’s Spirit and also through ministries that meet people’s needs. These ministries provide the hands and feet of Jesus to the community.


The training center is where people acquire knowledge. At Skyway, it’s where people become disciples. Jesus commanded us to go and make disciples. To make disciples, we teach biblical principles that are lived out and experienced by a community of believers. The process of becoming a disciple allows Christ’s character to be developed in our lives and creates healthy relationships with other believers. These relationships are best experienced when people join a ministry team where they can freely give to others what they have freely received.


The launching pad is where opportunity is given to move forward. At Skyway, it provides opportunities for people to move in their gifts and touch the world around them. Ministry opportunities are birthed through the vision of inspired disciples. Skyway Church is filled with many people who possess the gift of leadership. These leaders inspire others to meet the needs of the world through the power of God’s Spirit, and they have a home church to support them with prayer and resources as they lead new ministries in the local community and around the world.


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