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It is our mission to bring the life-changing gospel of Jesus Christ to our community, nation, and the world through the lives of our own members in practical, helpful, and lasting methods.
Skyway Church is a hospital, a training center, and a launching pad for ministry at home and around the world – HEAL. TRAIN. SEND.
Million Soul Mandate
In 2015, Skyway ASCEND began the Million Soul Mandate, with the goal to train, equip and mobilize effective leaders around the world to reach over one million souls with the gospel of Jesus Christ through strategic community transformation by the year 2025.

Jesus said, “It is the sick who need a physician.” We are all in need of spiritual healing through Christ. Many also need his restoration in their emotional and physical lives. Skyway provides many ways for God’s Spirit to bring restoration. It happens when we worship, when we attend classes, and when we spend time with each other. We have many different ways for you and those you love to encounter Christ as your healer.


Jesus trained twelve men for three years. He invested his life into their lives so they could be world changers. We are called to continue this spiritual training in our lives today. We grow spiritually by being in an environment of continuous learning. We learn by hearing the word of God, and by doing the works of God with a ministry team. Skyway believes that Every Member is a Minister! Skyway offers training opportunities at every level of spiritual growth. We prepare trained and licensed ministers, Chaplains, and graduate many through our ASCEND International University. Your faith will come alive when you are trained to live out the life Christ called you to live.


The last words Jesus gave us before ascending into heaven is known as the Great Commission. He commands all of his followers to go and make disciples in all the nations. This is a key part of being a member of Skyway. We will help develop you to go where God has called you to be his light. You will go with others into our communities and, for some, even into the nations. At Skyway you are a part of a huge international family which is going to many nations and presenting the gospel of Jesus Christ each and every day. Together we have reached over 1/4 of a million people as you are reading this today.

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